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Extreme Planet Discovered

Recently, astronomers discovered a new exoplanet that exists about 640 lightyears away from Earth which they are considering as having the most intense weather patterns they have ever observed. The planet has two sides — a cool side that remains in darkness, contrasted with a hot side that can reach temperatures up to 4,352 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet is so hot that iron condenses and the winds on the planet then blow the iron into the cooler side causing it to become a liquid and then it actually rains liquid iron from the sky. The planet also experiences lots of radiation. The name of the giant exoplanet is WASP-76b. The planet is a gas giant, like Uranus in our solar system. The tool used to discover this planet is called the Very Large Telescope (VLT), and it will continue to be used in order to search for other planets similar to Earth. However, it is really interesting to understand the extremities that other planets could be.



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